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Here at PPK9 we look to match the dog with the environment and handler requirements to produce a partnership that lasts. In answer to a growing list of vulnerable members of the public, we provide quality well socialised personal protection dogs to suit all environments. Our dogs are hand selected for the job and thoroughly tested prior to starting our training schemes. We are thorough in this as good dogs are built on solid foundations. We would not supply you a personal protection dog that we wouldn’t personally walk into a risk situation knowing the dog had us covered

Contact us today for an informal chat about your requirements. We have a variety of dogs in various stages of training from finished articles through those taking their first stages of training to well bred working line puppies. All potential candidates will be checked for suitability with a home visit and a face to face meeting but you can be sure in choosing PPK9 you will receive the best service we can offer and the best dog for your needs. We look forward to speaking to you


The PPK9 Team.

Matching Dogs With Handlers And Environments


Our Finished Product Is Something To Be Proud Of

From our base in the Yorkshire Wolds, we have facilities to train and test our dogs in all conditions. From agility work through bite training and socialisation in a family environment our staff make sure our finished product is some thing to be proud of. We welcome visitors by appointment to discuss their needs and view a selection of suitable dogs prior to making a decision.  

Producing Trusted Family Members And Loyal Guardians

PPK9 aim to produce the best trusted family members and loyal guardians in one package. The peace of mind that comes from a well train personal protection dog is great. Sleeping safe in the knowledge that you have a new friend that has got you covered should the need arise whilst at home, out walking or driving in your car is a truly special feeling.